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TinyBeats Shop

Welcome to the TinyBeats shop! Once you have chosen the product(s) you would like to buy you will be re-directed to the TinyBeats Spreadshirt page to complete your options and payment. To shop the full range click the button below. 

TinyBeats Kids T-Shirt.png

TinyBeats Kids T-Shirt

BuddyBeats T-Shirt.png

Max the Musical Monkey - BuddyBeats

Short-Sleeved T-Shirt. 

BabyBeats Vest.png

Milo the Musical Monkey - BabyBeats Short-Sleeved Bodysuit

LittleBeats Baby T-Shirt.png

Maddie the Musical Monkey - LittleBeats Short-Sleeved T-Shirt

TinyBeats Waterbottle.png
BuddyBeats Teddy Bear wit Price.png
BabyBeats T-Shirt.png
TinyBeats Bib.png

TinyBeats Water Bottle with Straw

Max the Musical Monkey -

BuddyBeats Teddy Bear

(Other Styles Available)

BabyBeats T-Shirt

TinyBeats Baby Bib

Musical Monkey Puppets

Max, Maddie and Milo puppets are available to buy.

If you would like to buy one then please contact with the quantity and colour. 


Set of 3 Musical Monkey

Puppets £65.00

Maddie Puppet.jpg
Milo Puppet.jpg

Milo the Musical Monkey

Puppet £25.00

Max the Musical Monkey 

Puppet £25.00

Maddie the Musical Monkey

Puppet £25.00

*All prices are excluding shipping costs these will be calculated  separately

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