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TinyBeats Kids T-Shirt

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Max the Musical Monkey - BuddyBeats

Short-Sleeved T-Shirt. 

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Milo the Musical Monkey - BabyBeats Short-Sleeved Bodysuit

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Maddie the Musical Monkey - LittleBeats Short-Sleeved T-Shirt

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BabyBeats T-Shirt.png
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TinyBeats Water Bottle with Straw

Max the Musical Monkey -

BuddyBeats Teddy Bear

(Other Styles Available)

BabyBeats T-Shirt

TinyBeats Baby Bib

Musical Monkey Puppets

Max, Maddie and Milo puppets are available to buy.

If you would like to buy one then please contact info@tinybeats.co.uk with the quantity and colour. 


Set of 3 Musical Monkey

Puppets £65.00

Maddie Puppet.jpg
Milo Puppet.jpg

Milo the Musical Monkey

Puppet £25.00

Max the Musical Monkey 

Puppet £25.00

Maddie the Musical Monkey

Puppet £25.00

*All prices are excluding shipping costs these will be calculated  separately