How do I book multiple sessions?

By booking multiple sessions as a block you automatically receive a discount. Find your nearest class, click on the BOOK NOW tab, select your venue and class, fill out the booking form and add sibling discounts where necessary. Finally select pay and enter your payment details. You will then receive a confirmation email. 

What if I would like to book a block of classes but I have missed the start date? Please get in touch with your class leader. Depending on availability they may be able to add you to the booking system and send an invoice for the remaining classes in that half-term. 


What if I only want to come once?

TinyBeats offer a 'one time booking' option, this option is subject to availability. You will need to visit the 'book now' page, choose your venue, select the 'one-time' booking option and  go through the booking process. One-time bookings are released weekly if spaces are available. Please do not attend a class until confirmation is received. No cash payments are accepted. 


What if I have more than one child?

Siblings are always welcome in BuddyBeats classes, however due to health and safety only children aged five and under can attend the classes. Siblings under 6 months are free of charge - please don't include them in the booking. 


If you have more than one child under five select a BuddyBeats class and select the number of children (6 months and above - up to three children maximum per adult/booking) you wish to attend and then add the  relevant coupon code ONESIBLING or TWOSIBLINGS before making payment. 

For example; you have two children select 2 children and enter the discount code ONESIBLING . Or you have 3 children select 3 children and enter the discount code TWOSIBLINGS. 

Twins and Triplets: If you have twins or triplets then they can attend any class together. Please email  your class leader to book a BabyBeats or LittleBeats class for twins or triplets and a TinyBeats member will complete your booking, apply the relevant discount code and send an inovice. 


Which class should I choose?

TinyBeats classes are based on development stages rather than age specific. BabyBeats is focused at newborn babies to babies that can sit confidently and unaided. LittleBeats classes are focused at babies who can sit confidently and unaided, crawling babies, and toddling babies. BuddyBeats classes are focused at toddlers; children that are walking confidently and who would be happy around bigger children (up to 5 year old). BuddyBeats classes also invites younger siblings however they may not always be able to join in with all the activities.  It is your choice which class suits your babies needs but if you would like any advice or have any questions please get in touch. 


Can I take photos and videos during the class?

Yes. Please feel free to take photos and videos of your own child(ren) during the class but please be mindful of other children who may be in the background of your photos. Please only post pictures of your own children on social media and respect other peoples privacy. 

TinyBeats appreciates you sharing the love of TinyBeats so please feel free to tag us @tinybeatsuk as well as your class leaders page in your posts. 


What should I expect during a TinyBeats class?  

TinyBeats classes are full of fun. You wont be made to join in with anything but it's always nice when adults do join in too. This might be with actions to the songs, singing along to the nursery rhymes and catchy TinyBeats tunes and occasionally moving around the room. You will need to take off your shoes as well as your child's/children's. 


Is parking available? 

Please visit your class leaders personal website using the 'find a class' tool for venue parking.



How do I pay for a class?

All classes must be paid for via the TinyBeats website. By selecting the 'Book Now' tab, selecting your venue and then selecting either a block booking (prior to the start date) or a 'one-time booking'. You cannot attend a class until payment is received. TinyBeats do not except cash payments


Can I feed my baby/child during the class?

TinyBeats have a child led approach in their classes, this means do what your child needs to comfort them and keep them happy. Feel free breastfeed or give formula during the session either in your place or wherever you feel most comfortable. TinyBeats do ask that food is not consumed during a class for allergy and health and safety reasons.


What if my child is ill?

Please follow the cancellation and illness policy on the T&C's page. 

TinyBeats requires 24 hour notice to cancel a class, if you know you wont be attending prior to the 24 hour period you can transfer your class within that term or gift your class to a friend, please make TinyBeats aware of any changes. If you cancel after 24 hours unfortunately your place will become void for that session. Please don't bring your child to a class if they are ill. 

Please comply with government guidelines and follow social distancing rules. Do not attend a class if you, your child or anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of COVID-19. 


What time should I arrive?

TinyBeats classes will start promptly at the start time stated on your booking email . Please try to arrive 10 minutes early to prepare yourself and your child(ren). TinyBeats understands that people are sometimes late, especially with little ones in tow. If you arrive late please enter quietly and join in when possible. If you are later than 15 minutes then you wont be able to attend the class


What do I need to bring?

You don't need to bring anything for the class however if you feel your baby or child may need a blanket or a soother then please bring the necessary items along with you. TinyBeats do not hold responsibility for any items you bring to the class. 


Are there baby change facilities?

Please visit your class leaders personal website using the 'find a class' tool for venue baby change facilities.


TinyBeats will  usually provide a changing area within the room which you are welcome to use to change your baby we just ask that you take away your dirty nappies with you please. Please use the disinfectant spray/wipes after every use. 


What areas do you cover?

TinyBeats currently has classes across Leeds and North Yorkshire.

We are always looking for fantastic, enthusiastic people to join the TinyBeats team! If you are interested in joining the TinyBeats Team please visit our 'Franchise' page above or email info@tinybeats.co.uk


Can I bring my pram and/or car seat to the class?


Please visit your class leaders personal website using the 'find a class' tool for venue pram space.