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TinyBeats Explorers

What is Tiny Beats Explorers?

TinyBeats Explorers allows you and your little one to enjoy your TinyBeats class, outdoors - with a twist.

Like our indoor classes, TinyBeats Explorers follows a new and exciting theme each week.

You and your little one can explore these magnificent themes through guided free play areas, stories, music and more...

Using our Early Years knowledge, each area has been specifically designed to engage your little one(s) throughout the session. Each session will be approximately 60 minutes in length, during this time  you will have the opportunity to explore the various themed areas, listen to a theme related story (whilst enjoying a yummy snack), dance to our fabulous TinyBeats tunes and engage with other children and adults. Your Class Leader will be there to encourage play, questioning and of course, have fun with you all! 

If you are interesting in joining an Explorers class, please use the form below to register your interest.

As this is a new part of TinyBeats there may not be a class locally available to you at this time, however we will be adding new areas regularly so please let us know if you are interested. 

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